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Pocket Coach Pro offers fitness solutions for anyone who wants to exercise in a targeted and efficient way at any time.

Developed by Mirela Claudino, PCP will help you burn calories, tone your body, boost your metabolism and self-esteem, improving your overall health! In short, it is the bridge that will take you from where you are today to where you always wanted to be!

In our blog, you also will be able to learn more about a health lifestyle. To have access to the services and your wellness Coach Pro, you only have to take your cellphone out of your pocket!

PCP Programs

Training programs for every fitness level.


For anyone who wants to get off the couch and start building a real beach shape, but still don’t want to have a coach. It is a 4 weeks program and it is updated every week for real progress over time.

• App with program of 5 workouts per week
• Programs include gym equipment, resistance bands and ball
• Every exercise is exemplified with video
• In-app chat for questions about the workout plan directly with Mirela Claudino

Value: $ 33

If you need to start, this plan is for you! Click below:

Custom PCP

If you already have trained, but want a program 100% directed to your pains and goals to finally show-up full of self-esteem on the beach, you need a custom program designed for you!

• App with customized monthly program
• Assessment about fitness level, goals and needs
• Program include gym equipment and resistance bands
• Every exercise is exemplified with video
• In-app chat for questions about the workout plan directly with Mirela Claudino

Value: $ 80

If you already have trained and need to achieve your goals, this plan is for you! Click below:

1 on 1 Training PRO

Online OR In person (only available to Los Angeles residents)! 1 on 1 Training Pro it is also a custom program but it also allows you to train along to a PCP coach to set and achieve goals as efficiently as possible.

• Assessments (live stream or recorded)
• Custom Program
• The coach will be live in your favorite device (cellphone, tablet, or
notebook) at the scheduled time to instruct you in every exercise and to
make progressions or regressions as needed.
• 1 hour / session
$ 60 per session

• Assessments in person
• Custom Program
• The coach will be with you at the scheduled time in a gym, beach or park
to instruct you in each exercise and to make progressions or regressions
as needed.
• 1 hour / session
$ 120 per session

If you want a 1 on 1 Training PRO Online, click below:

If you want a 1 on 1 Training PRO in person, Click below:

Be ready for lasting changes in your body and mind!

Mirela Claudino

Welcome to my corner of the web!

I'm Mirela Claudino, and I wear some hats: founder of Pocket Coach Pro and Communications and Marketing Manager of the company. With a background steeped in Public Relations and the wellness field (physical and mental education), I've embarked on a journey to merge my passions and expertise into one powerful platform.

My experiences have taught me the value of disseminating accurate information and providing practical health solutions. This insight fueled the creation of PCP, a hub where individuals can access resources for prevention, wellbeing, and active living.

Whether you're looking to stay informed, improve your health, workout plans, or simply explore topics related to wellness, you'll find a wealth of knowledge within our Blog and social media channels. Join me on this empowering journey toward a healthier, happier life. Together, let's make wellness accessible to all.

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Los Angeles, USA

I had never been to the gym before I started training with Mirela. I am loving the changes this has brought to my life. Today, at the age of 53, I have much more energy, less pain and I do activities that I didn't even have the courage to try before, like hiking.

Her professionalism, attention and humanized training are some of her differentials. I am so grateful for helping me understand the importance of physical activity in my life! We will follow together for many, many years!


Las Vegas, USA

Before starting to workout with Mirela, I didn't know much about equipment or form and mainly stuck to cardio until I decided it was time to get serious about my time in the gym, when I found out that Mirela had the knowledge and ability to take my fitness game up to the next level. I decided to start an online plan with her. I would send her videos of my form in different exercises and she would then build a plan that was suitable for my level of fitness. Over the weeks I progressed fast and became excited to see changes in my body and mental well-being. We would chat about my goals and what I felt I needed more help with, and she would alter the plan accordingly. I am now confident when I work out, motivated to go to the gym to complete my plan and constantly excited to hit next milestones in my fitness journey. Mirela has made it extremely easy having a coach, she's sweet yet stern, understanding yet motivating. She has what it takes to drive anyone to want to better themselves


Los Angeles, USA

I never liked training, but at the age of 50 I realized it was time to get back to exercise. I started training in person with Mirela with some equipment in my house. At the beginning it was difficult for me to maintain constancy, because I never liked training, but little by little, I started to like the post-training sensation and today it is rare to miss a workout.

Recently I started training at the gym with her in person. I'm still adapting, but I'm already seeing progress in gaining strength, which is essential for a healthy future and without having to depend on someone to get out of bed, for example. Today I take care of a lady who goes through this and preventing this is one of the benefits of training.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

I've been training for over 10 years to take care of my health and aesthetics too. I signed for Custom PCP with Mirela because she is an excellent professional, she has complete technical and practical knowledge!

Great teaching, she knows how to listen and adapt to the needs of clients! I like online training because it allows me more training freedom. I feel fully assisted by the method that Mirela uses, doubts are always clarified and I feel confident in doing the training even at a distance


Madrid, Spain

I never liked doing physical activity, but Mirela’s online training motivated me. I was a person who couldn't get started and be consistent. I used to sign up for a gym and after one or two months I quit. I had no motivation and I didn't feel comfortable. It was when, I knew that Mirela was setting up online training sessions that I decided to try again.

Her individualized workouts (Custom PCP) are tailored to my needs and goals, in addition to adapting perfectly with the equipment I have at home, since, as a mother, I don't have time to go to the gym.

The app is super simple to use and efficient, but the attention she gives, even when you're in another country, is what makes it different from other online workouts. She clarifies all my doubts through the in-app chat on the same day. All of this together is what made me motivated and, above all, seeing results.

For 7 months training with her, I finally managed to lose weight and reduce some measurements. I'm sure I'll notice a lot more results this year. I am very happy to have found the way to be consistent in this healthier lifestyle.

Beyond the gym

The real results is a combo of good habits, mainly:


Frequently Asked Questions

Through the app, we offer online programs to workout anywhere: in a gym, at home, parks & beaches. However, we focus on strength training and
cardio in the gym. For Hollywood (CA) residents, there is the option to
workout in person.

PCP is available worldwide.

PCP is built for any fitness level.  Over time and as you get stronger, you are
able to adjust the weights to constantly progress. Click here to know better
about the programs.

Yes, there are videos of every exercise in the app.

It varies, but usually 40 to 70 minutes. Since the program is customized,
besides the goals and needs, time available is also an important factor to
be answered in the assessment.

No. Most of our programs are built to workouts in a gym, so you can
choose whichever suits you best. However, we also custom plans to
workout anywhere outside of the gym (at home, parks & beaches for example).

Elevate your health and beauty to a PRO level!

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