Sleeping Like a Baby

Inadequate sleep can reduce physical performance and has been linked to adverse health outcomes, including obesity and depression. Try these suggestions to help you fall asleep easier and get a metabolism boost for days with more energy!

- Practice physical activity during the day.

- Avoid using electronic (cellphone, TV, tablet, notebook) near bedtime. The screens emit lights that inhibit the natural production of sleep hormone (melatonin).

- Avoid drinking coffee, stimulant tea, and soda before bed.

- Create a supportive environment for sleep: darkness, silence, clean and soft bedding, aromatherapy.

- Don’t think about what worries you before bedtime. Troubles and hurts should stay outside the room.

- Prioritize relaxing activities after dinner: reading, quieter movies, listening to calm music, playing with the children, etc. Activities that enhance a good night's sleep.

- Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same times, even on weekends.

- Drink a warm tea before bed. Chamomile, lemongrass and passion fruit have a calming effect.

Night night!